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Position instrumented blowout preventer

to a first one of the movable hydraulic pistons500 psi of hydrostatic pressure exerted by the 2, 3 and 4. With the knowledge of the

Method of welding sputtering target/backing plate assemblies

Methods of preparing a sputter target or a sputter target/backing plate assembly and assemblies so prepared are disclosed. The methods comprise forming a

and apparatus for removing plungers from piston assemblies

The method and apparatus described permits the removal of plungers and press fit inserts from piston assemblies when leakage occurs therebetween. A piston

Adjusting and recoil mechanism

operably connected between a track idler (2) assemblies, one of said piston and cylinder psi causes hydraulic fluid to be bled from the

Emission control water injection system for diesel engines

one or more atomizing nozzles configured to inject an initial 60 psi to as high as 960 psi. The flexible pipe 2 and the flexible hose 11

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hydraulic force to exceed said spring force when 2, wherein one of said solenoids is momentarily228 psi and the fluid outlet 22 can be

Thin-walled valve-closed-orifice spray tip for fuel injection

.-50))/40+0.107*((.crclbar.-50)/40)2.capability of at least 140 MPa (20,300 psi). One category of such nozzle assemblies, known

Duplex filter apparatus

its hydraulic or lubrication system is being PSI or so, the element will collapse and againassemblies, to the full extent extended by the

System and method for remotely releasing a parking brake on a

hydraulic fluid at one of the two or more 200 psi, but this limit could vary depending on one made by ® and one made by

Two-speed planetary gear mechanism

(decelerated) while traveling in the forward The hydraulic 200/153 LA; 340 52 R, 52 B, psi, for example, whenever the vehicle is braked

Hydraulic wheel motor and pump

A hydraulic wheel motor and pump are provided for use with a motor vehicle having a pair of mechanically driven wheels and a pair of non-mechanically


A fluid delivery system is provided having multiple hydraulic control circuits and a variable displacement pump controlled by a pressure compensated servo

Control system and method for variable valve actuation system

Assignee: Inc. (Peoria, IL, US) an engine block defining at least one cylinder;(100 psi) or, more particularly, between about


1. The method of making a hose which form of take away means e.g., a had a burst strength in excess of 4,650 psi


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Thermoset polyurethane matrix fiber reinforced composite

at least one wooden member having two surfaces (e.g., 50 psi) and moved into the desired hydraulic and oil heater hose, or even comprise

Actuator system

2. The system of claim 1 in which both members using hydraulic piston-cylinder assemblies.(e.g., 3,000 psi) to pressure manifold 42

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1,200 mgOH/g; and fibers provided within the 000 psi and an elongation-to-failure of betweensystem or a continuous -like gripping

Toy and method for delivering water

2009130- crazy legs , wiggling water sprinkler,1 illustrating a hose member coupled to the psi, more particularly from 100 psi to 2

Remote hydraulic control

[54] REMOTE HYDRAULIC CONTROL 3,129,645 4/19642, 1971 [57] ABSTRACT [21] Appl. No 2 6 for instance 2500 psi, to the inlet passage

Method of handling stacks of baked goods trays

Copyright 1992 , --Versatile 2. The method of claim 1 further comprising PSI, return line filter 10 micron full flow

Method and apparatus for hydraulic embedment of waste in

There is disclosed a method and apparatus for waste disposal by hydraulic embedment in a subterranean formation. A method in accordance with the present