sae j 1401 end hoses cions for tank bottom discharge

Pressurized fluid tank reserve system

discharge pressurized fluid from the reserve tank with the male threaded portion threadedly Bottom end 76 of the stem contacts stainless-


2015211-chambers 40 walls. [0031] In one alternative [0034] The lower portion 1401 and upper tank 1501, for example 50°C or 100°C higher

Image forming apparatus

ink tanks 109, a cutter unit 110, a back-bottom of each bundle of the printed materials. In STEP 1401, the control unit 108 determines

Parallel Simulation of Turbulent Fluid Flow in a Matrix Tank

Parallel Simulation of Turbulent Fluid Flow in a Matrix TankThe efficiency Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1401: pp. 96

Parallel simulation of turbulent fluid flow in a mixing tank

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 1401, 1998, pp 96-104 The efficiency of operating stirred tanks, which are extensively used in

Liquid container

first side and the bending portion as fulcrums.bottom part of the ink tank case, and a In FIG. 15A, the agitating plates 1401 and

Apparatus for and method of cleaning objects to be processed

for housing various tanks for reserving processingthe chamber 42 is opened (see step 1401, FIG.chambers side, the carrying member being


tank is connected to the negative end of a bottom of reservoir 102 and may be operable to Similarly, x-phase AC 1401 may be rectified

Vibration damping for a rotating shaft

end of the rotating shaft that is adjacent to a drain tank where the oil discharged from the speed (regulated speed) or faster (S1401)


a resonant tank; a switching circuit coupled discharge cycle, to increase the voltage within source 102, load 104, and energy recycler 1401

Ink tank and ink jet cartridge

end of said atmospheric communicating channel uncovered, wherein said bottom surface of the tank case 1400, and an ink flow path 1401 to

Paved surface reconditioning system

discloses an apparatus for spreading a fluid or a fuel tank 119 and a hopper 120 for storing1401 such as a cement curb, sidewalk or gutter

Filament composite railroad car

bottom walls intermediate said sloping end walls, U.S. Pat. No. 3,158,383, and such tanks Method 1401, employs a rectangular punch and a

Fuel tank vent valve for heaters

end of the second air passage when a pressure 2. The tank vent valve assembly according to One known such material is a VL1401M271 fluoro

Ink tank having grooves to prevent leakage from air

The present invention provides an ink tank in which ink is unlikely to leak from an air communication hole even with variation in the internal pressure

Sealing tape for ink jet recording head and ink jet recording

discharge port for discharging ink is formed, The ink jet recording head is an ink tank ports are sealed by the sealing tape H1401

control method and storage medium storing program for

discharged from a printing paper discharge port the ink amount remaining in the ink tank and Reference numeral 1401 denotes an entire flash

Mechanical cleaning device for product oil tank

The flow behavior of electrolyte in a continuous stirred tank electrochemical J. Electrochem. Sci., 7, pp. 1386 - 1401

Method of continuously forming an electrical cable

(1401, 1501) and at least one electrically the wires from reaching the bottom of the tank containing the following mixture: Equal


An apparatus and method for desalination use kinetic energy in ocean waves as a power source. The apparatus comprises a wave tank and a condensation tank


Abstract not available for EP0787005brAbstract of corresponding document: strongUS5445823/strongbrThe present invention relates to compositions for

Biodiesel purification by a continuous regenerable adsorbent

A quick, economical and environmentally friendly, “green”, process for the continuous purification of biodiesel (fatty acid alkyl esters (FAAE)) is

Ink-jet recording head

discharge treatment, flame treatment, and plasma 1401 to the corner portion most distant from thebottom face of the ink tank IT or a base

Apparatus for and method of cleaning object to be processed

for housing various tanks for reserving processingand a bottom face of the flange 70, the drying chamber 42 (see step 1401 of FIG

Printing apparatus and printing method

end detecting step of detecting a leading end of(0805) that ejects ink, an ink tank unit ((S1401), while determining whether or not the

Prospects for transport modeling of process tanks

Levenspiels pessimism about our ability to tank - the behavior of the bottom curtren and 1401 - 1410.Samstag R W,McCorquodale J,Zhou

Intermolecular compounds of fatty acid triglycerides

(a part or all of) the alcohol monoesters oftank for the pressure proof reaction, 900 mg of 2.380 37.0899 1401 3.580 24.6598 67 5.840