rubbermp hose in detroit

Removable seal protector and shaft insertion guide

US2446493 * 1945127 194883 Boston Woven Hose And Rubber Owner name: GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, A DETROIT, MICHIGAN A Free format

Cooper-Standard buys supplier

that makes heating and cooling hoses. Atlacomulco, Mexico-based EnfriamientosKosdrosky, TerryCrains Detroit Business

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rubber material of the hose being tightened by the clamp, e.g., around 3. A hose clamp as claimed in claim 1, wherein said sleeve has a

High pressure hose for modular fuel delivery system

A high pressure fuel hose for disposition between a tubular stem on a fluid connector on a canister in a fuel tank and tubular stem on a fluid

Multilayer hose for fuel, chemical and vapor transport

hose application, wherein the tubular structure rubber material such as a conductive nitrile, e.DETROIT FUEL, INC.;AND OTHERS;REEL/FRAME:019668

US4729583 - Reusable end fitting for convoluted hose -

interior of hose 26 to a discharge end located at or adjacent equipment US3731763 * Mar 25, 1970 May 8, 1973 Master Pneumatic Detroit Lubricating

Hose washer

Spring Arbor, Mich., assignors to The Circul- Air Corporation, Detroit, 1. A hose washing machine comprising in combination, a portable base, a


message, the user may see a Game Map showing the city of New Detroit. If the player has transformed his fist to a hose, pressing the A button

Hose clamp

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Hose and fitting

IALCOLH LOUGHELD, l DETROIT, I-ICHIGAN, ASSIGNOB, BY -ASBIGNlmQ 10 indicates hose of the fabric and rubber variety, and 11 indicates the

Heat-resistant hose

A heat-resistant hose for transport of high temperature fluid, wherein the inner surface of the hose in contact with said fluid comprises a material

Hose holder

Umstead, Detroit, Mich. Application June 16, 1947, Serial No. 754,947 A supporting device for garden hose comprising a relatively rigid elongated

Reusable swivel hose coupling

Detroit, Mich., assignor to Hydralink Corporation, Warren, Mich., a especially with hoses covered with wire braid or rubber-covered wire braid

Hydrodynamic coupling devices

an expansible collapsible hose, :1 portion of Detroit Gasket Mfg Co Method of cutting Johnson Rubber Co Pressure fluid operated tool

Hydraulic parking brake

hose thereto to conduct hydraulic brake actuating A rubber-like valve seat 74 is annularly formed Owner name: GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, DETROIT,


2001719-governor is attached to the usual governor provided on a Detroit diesel which is connected to the switching means 88 by means of the hose

Shape memory alloy reinforced hoses and clamps

Reinforced hoses and clamps generally include a shape memory alloy material configured to provide tangential forces to the generally circular hoses and clamps

Tristone adds Detroit engineering, sales center

belt and hose maker TristoneFlowtech Group .center in Detroit which opened in September 2013.McNulty, MikeRubber Plastics News

Hose arrangement

Edwards, Saginaw, Mich., assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, a hose assembly comprising an inner component for conveying the discharge


Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI) Primary Class: 60/469 a first flexible tuner tube inside the rubber hose having an upstream end

Straddle-type all terrain vehicle with progressive differential

Self-locking differentials, such as the famous Detroit Lockerâ„¢, lock 4, a vent hose 144 is mounted on the top side of the differential

Memories of Ford

It had a 3/8-inch diameter rubber hose providing the air source to a seen cavalierly cruising a suburb outside Detroit, reveals few refinements

Manufacture of reinforced elastomeric hose

Assignee: General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI)hose useful for example as hydraulic automotive A suitable rubber recipe for the inner tube is