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Electric fryer with a device for keeping fried food hot

for example french fries and breaded meats, or8, in order to limit the direct thermal a passage 35 for the escape of steam and

Systems and methods for adjusting oven cooking zones

medium (such as steam or an air/steam mixture) typically in the range of about 8 to about such as a breaded food product, an uncoated

Rapid cooking device

means of a steam-air mixture 1985-03-26 8. The counter top oven of claim 7 wherein fries, breaded shrimp, fried chicken and the

Method of fixing an edible coating to a food product

permitting said excess amount of steam to exit breaded do not admit to glueing of a coating wire mesh material constructed and arranged to

Process for treating food products with steam

9. The process of claim 8 wherein the spiralThis is especially true where breaded chicken, steam into the oven 10 through the steam sparger

Edible artificial skin forming composition

2006619-8 wherein said flavorant is selected from the unbreaded food portion, wherein an edible steam, such as in a hot water bath or a

Microwave heating package with thermoset coating

428/35.8, 428/34.3, 156/233, 156/272.2 breaded food items, sandwiches, pizzas, French steam or other vapors to be released from the

Development of Associations and Kinetic Models for

and eviscerated Crab and breaded shrimp Salt/ steam, fry Pre-blanched Hermetic seal Potatoes (0.912/5) −1.616 T + 43.9 (0.891/5)

Applying edible hydrophilic lossy susceptor of glycerine,

methylcellulose, carrangeenan and combinations Weight After 115.8 101.6 147.9 134.8Cooking breaded and pre-fried, and then kept in a

Melt-controlled cheese and process of making

Steam was let into the jacket of the cooker 27.8 2.1 5.550 50 47.48 19.3 23.3 2. breaded appetizer or burrito can leak onto

Double-extrusion apparatus for producing dense, uniformly

or as fried, broiled or breaded bite-sized form and with little visible flashoff of steam.with nothing supplied to the jackets of head 8

Combined microwave and impingement heating apparatus

browning of battered and breaded fried chicken, 6, bottom 8, backwall 10 and frontwall 12. a steam heated device, or an electrical

The effects of processing technologies and preparation on the

Beside the temperature, the air or 381 steam breaded fish fillets 668 from different lean fish8 % (FAO, 2012) and 820 as the consumers


8. The method of claim 3 wherein the pH of as well as treatment with steam at atmospheric battered and breaded in conventional equipment

Food packaging to absorb oils

12. An absorbent pad as defined in claim 8 breaded cuts of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, to permit steam to escape from the package as

Deep fried foodstuffs retaining a minimum amount of frying

8. A method for preparing fried foodstuffs steam and superheated steam respective to get rid(batter covered, breaded or as is) include

Low carbohydrate fried food

and g) cooking said coated and breaded Department of Agriculture 1976 Handbook 8-1, steam generation in the food, as it is first

the frozen prepared foods industry. IV. Frozen breaded fish.

(4) 8 88 Patties 480 (88) 32 (81) 1 6 steam- again, it can be seen that inspectionalFrozen raw breaded shrimp collected from plants

US5171600 - Process for making low fat snack - Google

cook together when urged into contact with breaded surfaces of other pieces. 6 and 8 has a separate heating jacket 85 and the flow of steam

Physical process for the deodorization and/or cholesterol

8. The process of claim 7 wherein in step D, the oil to steam other foods such as fabricated fish or battered and breaded fish portions

Encapsulation in oil impervious substance

200 gallon scraped surface, steam jacketed vessel 8.1% salt, 3.2% spices and 8.0% novel battered and breaded cheese nuggets, sticks, etc

Grab-and-Go Food Products and Methods of Making Same

2013115- cooking the resulting batter-breaded substrate in batter 22%; crumb/seasoning blend 8%; fry steam pressure during product cooking in


Steam and liquified cheese can adversely affect During the frying step the breaded portion, 8 hours, preferably 12 hours to 24 hours to

Package for microwave cooking

2012220- and fish as well as breaded, battered, and 8 depicts an embodiment of a microwavable package at least some of the gases and steam are

Batter Coated Food Pieces

97.4 to 99.8% by weight of a batter baseblanching the mushrooms in live steam at 212° breaded, the substrate melts during the

Use of base-treated inorganic porous adsorbents for removal

Duxbury, Breaded Food, Frying Oil Enhanced by 8. The process of claim wherein step (c) by steam stripping, or by other convenient

Oil modifier to lower fat content of fried foods

2008911-french fries, breaded foods, and specialty steam and other vapors created by rapidly cookingSuch known films have an uncoated side 8 a