1 2 x2b 300 psi series canvas fire hydrant hose

Foam generating apparatus for attachment to hose delivering

A62C31/12; B05B7/00; (IPC1-7): A62C31hose to receive the water therefrom, a foam between about 60 and 120 PSI (413 and 827 kPa


In fire-fighting, a method of controlling operation of a fire apparatus as to at least one hose lay, the method comprising acquiring data at a

Suction inlet valve for fire truck pumpers

2. The suction inlet valve of claim 1, wherepsi and will open in proportion to the flow in the suction hose 18 and fire hydrant 28

Fire hydrant security integrated flow control/backflow

Integrated flow control backflow preventer valve (“IFCBPV”) for new and existing wet- and dry-barrel fire hydrants, with barrel drain assemblies for

Fluid intake pressure regulating system

(B) responsive to said measured pressure; a master control valve connectable a fire hydrant can be in the range of about zero to about 300 psi

Water driven fan for firefighting

A portable water driven fan for firefighting applications utilizing positive pressure ventilation is disclosed. A unit including a water powered turbine and a

2 ways fire hydrant of firesafetyss

Fire Hydrant valve for sale, new 2 ways fire hydrant of Hangzhou SS Fire Safety CO.,Ltd. from China. 2 ways fire hydrant DN100 with flange 2.5

US5068940 - Apparatus for cleaning sewers - Google

1B provides a rear oblique view of the system.appropriate water source (e.g., a fire hydrantof indicating up to two-hundred and fifty psi

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Method for cleaning sewers

B08B9/053; (IPC1-7): B08B3/02; B08B9/tank or fire hydrant for its source of water. such as 2000 psi is applied through the hose

Hanford protoype surface barrier status report: FY 1994

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and identify one or more locations within the facilities, e.g., minimum hydrant pressure and psi with approximately 160 million gallons of

Standard Guide for Use of Maxi-Horizontal Directional

Soil2 D 2435 Test Method for One-Dimensional surface pipe or hose connecting a remote hydrant.D2 B tan 2 d 2 (X2.3) [For metric units

Fuel delivery system and method providing regulated

(b) controlling flow rate of the fuel along FIG. 1 is a plan view of a hydrant re-2) may vary between approximately 50-250 psi

Swivel with or for hydrant manifold for industrial fire

2012620-A swivel with, or for, a hydrant manifold for industrial fire fighting comprising a swivel providing an at least 6 inch flow conduit and pre

Long life intelligent illuminated road markers

the ribs include at least 1, 2, 3, or 4 000 psi, e.g., at least Fiber reinforcement (e.g., the location of a fire hydrant)

2½ Fire Hose Hydrant Gate Valve Chrome 300PSI NPT

2013831-2½ Fire Hose-Hydrant Gate Valve Chrome 300Psi, NPT x Male NST with Cap in Business Industrial, MRO Industrial Supply, Governmen

Hydrant backflow restriction system

4602654 Coupling for fire hydrant-fire hose head loss of less than about 3 psi at 750 b) installing a backflow prevention valve fluid

Pump and flow sensor combination

discharge pressure from zero PSI to 400 PSI. fire hydrant and the pump is a high volume, B, and then flows in the direction C to

Pillar Hydrants of flamexexperts

Fire Hydrant valve for sale, new Pillar Hydrants of Flamex Fire Safety Equipment Company from China. 2 fire hydrant- 2.5 inch fire hydrant hose-

Three-way fire hydrant

A three-way wet barrel fire hydrant includes an enlarged intermediate barrel section, which effectively reduces pressure loss in the fire hydrant. The